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World Wide Patented HTC Steering Technology

High Tech Cable steering is the essence of the GreenSteering know how. We designe and manufacture steering systems for trailers with a High Tech Cable. The HTC is a very special part of our systems, extraordinary ,durable and light.
The advantages are paramount:
1- Lighter systems than other systems so more loading capacity
2- Follows the most ideal steering line so no minimal scrubbing of tyres and increasing tyre life up to 400 %. As per consequence less fine dust emission reducing it with
up to 75%. In this way helping to improve the quality of the air for you.
3- extremely durable therefore a long service life, respecting the environment.
4- During its service life wear stretching is minimal allowing very accurate steering, safe corner lines are assured.
5- Working to a green economy, working with standard modules that can be replaced without the need of replacing the whole system

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Who are we?

What is GreenSteering
Transport is a necessity in our modern world. We need our food and other products to be moved from where they grow and are in increasing way. We live more and more in densely populated areas , but we want to live healthy and safe though. We care for the environment as our resource of life. We certainly want clean air down town and as less risk as possible when in the dense traffic. The GreenSteering products contribute to your desires. They are designed to decrease the impact of transport on the environment. They help to save on fine dust emission up to 75% as well as CO 2 and NOX emission up to 12 %. As you might know Co2 enhancing global warming, NOX can enhance Ozone so it is very important to limit these emissions. Fine dust will enter in your body via the lungs having all kinds of influence on your health. With the GreenSteering steering systems build in in trailers we help to minimize the impact on your life of trailers doing their important task of distributing whatever we need, where ever they are. Did you know that distributing goods down town with only one trailer equipped with a GreenSteering trailer steering system does the job of +10 Vans? Can you imagine the benefit for the environment and safety and for yourself? Did you know a GreenSteering equipped trailer does not cut the corners thus is much saver for you when being a pedestrian or cyclist? The dead angle is away because of the GreenSteering system that’s why. On safety; ever seen a Jack knifed truck and trailer? When trailers are equipped with GreenSteering equipment the chances of these accidents are much lower. Saver for you saver for the drivers.
Ask your transporting company if their trailers are equipped with GreenSteering steer systems, if not go and look for another one that has, for your own benefit.

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