The XST31A

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The XST31A steering unit.

GreenSteering® ® XST 31A – is the Green Linear trailer steering unit for downtown and provincial distribution for heavier loads where an extra axle is needed. Easily substituting 10+ delivery vans for optimal down town delivery or 1,5 trucks, thus contributing to a healthier world. Optimal manoeuvrability and extremely well balanced, secures relaxed driving. Resulting in higher Safety for the public and the driver. Due to the GreenSteering® system certainly less CO2, NOX and fine dust emission. Lower Fuel consumption and less tyre wear whilst turning with low friction. Less damage to the roads and pavements. Less noise so very suitable for nightly downtown distribution.
The unique worldwide patented Linear Steering system is lighter and more durable than other steering systems. Due to its lower total weight it’s possible to take more pay load per trailer which will also lead to less trucks that will be needed for distribution. Application : city trailers, reefer, concrete mixer chassis

GreenSteering linear steering systems improving the environment by:
Reducing CO2 and Nox emissions up to 12 %
Reducing fine particle emissions with up to 75 %

Facts about the XST31A

The XST31A has a shorter turning radius then a non steered trailer which makes it ideal for city distribution and national transport


The GreenSteering® XST31A steering module ensures a higher safety level as compared to a rigid axle system or self steering axle system. The extreme manoeuvrability and linear character of the steering making turning and backing up extremely easy. Saver for the pedestrians and bicyclist. GreenSteering® as such is the Jack knife inhibitor so saver for the driver and the public.

Better for tyres and roads

A non-steered trailer and self steered axle will scrub its tyres whilst turning., it will therefore do damage to the road an curb. Compared with the GreenSteering® XST31A this will not happen because the XST31A has almost no friction whilst steering. Less cost for the tax payer.

Higher payload capacity

The GreenSteering® XST31A will handle higher pay load then other mechanical steering systems. Due to wider axle distances, a better load distribution reduces the risk of over-loading

More stable road behaviour

The GreenSteering® XST 31A steers the trailer axles. Doing so the driver will experience extreme manoeuvrability at low speed and stability at higher speeds. As the axle is actively steered, manoeuvring in reverse will be just as easy as when going forward. No need to block an axle when backing up as with a self steered axle. Maximum steering advantage when backing up. No noise emission of scrubbing tyres, so very suitable also for nightly down-town transport With the GreenSteering® system you will be able to access places that you would not be able to reach with a rigid trailer. This means you will now be able to get more load to these “difficult to reach locations” than ever before in one trip, at less cost to you.

GreenSteering® offers you benefits for you and the environment.


Using the Greensteering linear steering system you contribute to a greener planet and help saving on unnecessary emissions of CO2, NOX and fine particulars. For the benefit of our future and your company.


Engineering and tyre cost


CO2 emission.


Fine dust emissions.


Fuel consumption.

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